Covid-19, this word has become synonymous with so many emotions that it’s almost overwhelming to even think about it. Fear, uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety, depression and even hatred are some of the feelings attached to it at this point. And why not, looking at the circumstances right now our subconscious mind is bound to be inclined towards pessimistic thoughts.

Of course, it is hard to contain those sentiments specially when all we have is our own mind to live with during this lockdown. No distractions of work, colleagues, friends and other pastimes we are accustomed to. We never learnt to live just with ourselves. However, did you know that this situation could perhaps be a blessing in disguise for some of us. Now, you’d say c’mon Reshu, have you lost your mind? There are people dying! Sure, I know that we are in the middle of a pandemic which has taken many lives already and my heart goes out to those who are suffering or have lost their loved ones.

However, if you’re reading this I’d assume that you are amongst those fortunate ones who have their close ones and themselves safe & sound in the comfort of your home. So, how are you lucky ones doing? Some of you might say, not very well. And, I can understand why. Considering, how long can you really distract yourself with Netflix, with flipping through social media platforms which is not helping much either in tranquilizing those nerves, with those video calls to your friends or just spending all the time with family or housemates which you’re not even used to. Eventually you’ve got to live with yourself, your own emotions and your own mind. And, in these difficult times it constantly keeps taking you to the thoughts of dipping economy, the uncertain future, your business and so on. However, won’t it be great if we could channelize all that’s going on in your head currently to create something exceptional and unique? Think about it. Nobody else can get into your mind or your heart, and construct something that only YOU could.

Let me elaborate further. With create I mean generating innovative solutions for any pain points or any challenges you might face in your business and haven’t had the time to sit & really delve into it deeply while you’re busy with your daily routine. That is what I’m talking about. And right now is the perfect time to get into it.

First things first though, don’t curb your emotions or thought process. Let it flow. Because that’s the very place creativity emerges from. Yes, there’s a proven theory that your emotions are an integral part of innovation. The way you feel, visually imagine and empathize are all important factors which contribute immensely while coming up with any solution that needs creative thinking. Now, you might say. Thank you, but I’m not in a creative profession. And, on that I say that YOU are in fact the one I’m writing this blog for because the ones who are in such jobs already know how to use this time to their advantage. Haven’t you heard “creativity is the mother of all invention”. Eventually you’ll have to let your mind get into that creative flow to be able to come up with innovative solutions for your brand or company. Makes sense?

Let me prove it by giving you a couple of examples. Did you know that Einstein used to be a musician before he became a physicist and poet E E Cummings used to be a painter before he started to write. While measuring the factors which leads to success in your career, psychologists say that having a creative hobby ranks on one of the topmost. Which clearly means that having a creative mind leads you to higher productivity or prosperity. The bottom line is that its best if you stop worrying and start putting your energy into what could be your next Aha moment!

Use this time to create content that can be used later when your business opens, or look for new ways to market your product when you’re back in business or create innovative solutions to the vulnerable spots in your business. For eg. how to deploy the right resources in various departments for maximum productivity or how to reassign responsibilities to get the best results from your team and so on. Now, I understand that it might not be a one person’s job and you might need some help with ideas which are fiddling in your head. Well, this is where Philia, my comprehensive digital media solutions firm, could help you. We’ll be happy to take those ideas and convert it into real projects. While the common perception of such a firm would be digital media marketing or social media management only, our services span beyond that. We can help you create any written, graphic or video content, can help you build a user friendly & chic website which can take your business profile a notch higher, we can also help you maintain your online reputation which is crucial for your bottom line and we can also join as business consultants and help you on streamlining those processes that needs attention. You may check our website to know more about us or feel free to call or write to us for further discussions.

Stay safe. Stay home.