I’m going to let you in on a secret. I usually write these blogs on the weekend. You know why? Because that’s the time I don’t have to look at reports, or respond to calls & emails, instruct the team, and so on. I’m relaxed and can think freely without any interruptions.

Have you heard of a famous director/producer moving to London for a while to write a script? Well, he does it exactly for the same reason. Usually, to come up with something creative, you’d need a free mind and none to minimal responsibilities.

Does that somewhere resonate with our current lockdown situation? Well, I’ve proven my point here. This is clearly the time to indulge yourself in creative thinking. Which, I must say, could very well be about your business if you can’t get that out of your mind and are itching to get back to it with all the more zeal.

Last week I wrote about how important content is for Marketing your Brand. If you haven’t read that yet, here’s the link https://philia.digital/why-is-content-creation-one-of-the-most-important-factors-in-your-marketing-strategy/.

Now, let’s look at how to create that innovative, useful and saleable content which people need and would get drawn to. Have you seen certain companies doing everything just right? Each & every word that comes out of them is well thought of & immaculately drafted. Each & every graphic or video or any content laid out with precision to give you that sense of perfection. Take an example of Apple. Of-course they didn’t start where they are today, but starting from somewhere, they built it to a point where an Apple product might have enough competitors in the Market however their followers/buyers stay loyal to the brand. Wouldn’t you want to reach that pinnacle of success with your brand? Well, that is the reason you need to start today. Yes, in this time of crisis YOU look for OPPORTUNITIES. An opportunity to build a better future by putting more efforts into your content, which can easily be called the digital face of your brand and can elevate your brand value to a significant level.

Again, a lot of people think that beautifying an otherwise mediocre content will make it look enticing. Oh well, welcome to 2020. An year of extremely smart consumers. They know what’s good and what’s bad. They know what excites them and what not. They have access to all sorts of content available online. Hence, clearly by using old techniques you cannot win them over. They need originality, they need usability, they want to know what’s in it for them, they want to know that you care about them, they need a lot more than you can fathom. That’s why I say, THIS is the time for you to focus not on you but on your customers and clients.

Here are a few points to consider while you’re on your way to build those amazing content ideas and further build a bright future for your brand:

1. Bring originality into your content. Do not follow rules. Break the rules and do things your way. Trust yourself and in the process keep pushing harder if you want to earn the affection and admiration of your followers. There’s a lot of content on the web today. The more Innovation you bring into your content the more people will find your brand enticing and would want to follow it.

2. Care about your followers/customers. You need to genuinely want to bring a difference in people’s lives. That’s how winning is done, online or offline. Look at it this way. When someone looks at your product or your Brand or your social media page, the first thing that crosses their mind is “What’s in it for me?”. Always remember that and build your content around it. Needless to say, make it interesting and always be ready to serve.

3. Keep it simple. Whatever your product, it sure will have all types of consumers. Not everybody understands the complexity of terms or graphics or videos. Of-course using a complicated design or phrase would make you look more intelligent however what’s the point if your followers don’t understand half of your content? They’re sure to leave if that happens. Maintaining simplicity with a dash of style or persona will keep your followers engaged which will further help in retaining them.

4. Provide solution to a problem. This goes without saying that unless you’re providing a solution to your customer’s problem why would they want to buy your product or follow you in the first place. Now, here as well you need to be a little more innovative. Sometimes people know what their issues are, however it’s hard for them to identify a resolution for the same. Sometimes they do not even know that there is a way available to unravel any conflict which might be bothering them. So, look at it from that angle. And, create a narrative based on that. Have you ever helped someone who was in dire need? How did your small gesture of support make them feel? THAT, exactly that is what people feel when a product helps them ease their life a bit. And, that’s what drives them to be loyal to your brand.

5. Package it right. In the fast paced digital world where people are scrolling at high speed, an impressive packaging of your content will get you that instant attention. For eg., a thought provoking headline, or editing your pics or videos in a striking manner, an impressive yet simple website layout with just the right amount & quality of words and so on. However, keep in mind that making it look pretty gets you that first glance however it’s the quality of content which further helps in keeping them engaged. And that’s what eventually will build your brand up.

6. Have a strategy in place. They say a vision without strategy remains an illusion. Randomly putting out content is not going to get you anywhere. Know exactly which direction do you want to go before even taking that first step. Brain storm on ideas, examine the data, figure what your prospective followers/buyers need and design your content based on that.

7. Plan your content. Planning helps you keep in line with your objective. Know what do you want to achieve through a certain medium and make a blueprint of your content. As you go along, you might have to fine-tune it based on the results or analytics however at-least you’ll have a clear vision.

Honestly, it can be hard to formulate everything in one article. However, be assured that these are the basics that you’ll have to use for better results. This topic is vast and I will try my best to bring about as much information to you as possible. If you still have any questions or would like to know about a specific topic, please feel free to write to me on contact@philia.digital and I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions and queries.

If this article has inspired you to up your digital game however you’re not sure if you can do it all on your own and could do with some help, write to me on contact@philia.digital and my team & I will be happy to help you.